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A new Information providiing Economic Model

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Roedy Green

PostPosted: Sat Nov 01, 2008 5:47 pm    Post subject: A new Information providiing Economic Model Reply with quote

A political commentator pointed out that political ads were not
effective against young people because they were using TIVOs to skip
over ads and because they got more and more of their information from
the Internet.

If ads can be bypassed, the notion of ads to fund information content
will collapse. Less and less content will be available.

I see two fixes:

1. technology to make it difficult to bypass ads. It is a losing game
for advertisers.

2. pay per view

Today pay per view is a quite a production. What I envision in future
is something completely transparent. You use your TV and computer
just as now, ignoring the pay-per-view scheme entirely. Your ISP and
your cable provider track how many bytes of information you receive
from various sources, and send those providers an aggregate cheque
each month for all subscribers. The ISP and cable provider might
charge a flat fee, or a per byte fee or any other system.

How would this look to me as a subscriber?

1. I would have a higher TV and ISP bill each month.

2. most of the time there would not be ads on content. When there
were, I would know I was getting this content free

3. The TV channels I have no interest in would simply not exist as far
I am concerned. I could sleep soundly knowing none of my TV fees were
going to support phony faith healers, people who shoot animals for
amusement, pro wrestling, loud cars, Madonna videos ...

4. Small shows on the net or on TV might get a global following and a
corresponding budget. It would depend only on the viewers, not
sponsors. This means they could be more honest, e.g. tackle topics
like car safety.

5. Spam would increase, people trying to get you to look at junk shows
just to get the one-time hit.

6. There would be pressure to install fibre, so you could watch any
show, any time.

7. TV would disappear and be engulfed by the Internet.
Roedy Green Canadian Mind Products
A vote for McCain is fearful clinging to McSame.
A vote for Obama is a shot at Obamalot.
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